Final Reflection On My English Class Experience

Fitz’s Class — The Comfiest Room At Fenn


Things end but memories last forever


    As I am reading the directions to this reflection assignment on Fitz’s very helpful and handy assignment sheets, I decided that despite it saying to write about our class this year, I will write about my entire Fitz experience — which extends back to eighth grade.

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The Power of Reflective Thought

The Importance of Reflection in our Lives 


    Reflection is something that can be used for multiple different purposes, and it is something that we use quite often. Reflection can be as simple as trying to remember what you did the day before, but it can be as complex as reminiscing on your life experiences, going back to the times that may have happened countless years ago. We do not just reflect for no reason. We do it with a purpose. You may reflect to remember a time that was very joyful in your life, or you can reflect on a major obstacle you had to overcome. No matter what you may be reflecting on, reflection is a very beneficial tool.

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Survival in Lord of the Flies

Civilization: a key part of survival

    Working together is the most efficient way to thrive. In the book, Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding, civilization plays a huge part in the survival of the group of boys stranded on an island. Nothing comes easy while being stranded on an island. There are natural resources to access, but work is necessary to use the resources you can get. Ralph, the leader of the group, decides to call a group meeting. This meeting was different than a usual meeting, it was more serious. Ralph sat on a fallen trunk as everyone gathered around, and he began to tell everyone about the situation they were in and that they needed to become civilized and work together to survive.

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My Walk with Solitude

Walk with Solitude


A Peaceful and Scenic Adventure


    I woke up to a bright, warm, and gorgeous day outside in Springfield, New Hampshire. I got out of bed, went downstairs, ate one of the best egg sandwiches I have every had. Today was off to a good start. I looked outside the sliding glass door as I ate my sandwich. I knew today was a perfect day to take a walk in the woods for my english class. There would be a lot to write about on a beautiful day like this, so I slipped on my sneakers and headed off on my journey.

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When Will It End? My Thoughts On Quarantine

Sam Dean

Fitz 9th Grade English


When Will It End?

D04A67CD-5498-4F3E-B255-B0370E59729BMy Thoughts On Quarantine

“The opposite of happiness is not sadness, it’s boredom”   


    Sometimes when I am not really doing anything at the time, I will just sit and think. Think about what’s going on in the world, when it will end, what things will be like after it does, and how long until everything in the world is back on track. There is not really a way for me to come up with those answers though, I can only imagine. 

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Reading Log

Reading Log - 4/19

Dragon Teeth

    It was the one of the very first days of online school. I navigated my way through Zoom, for I had never used it before, and I logged into an English class. I was curious about how our class would change since we are doing distance learning, but it turns out our English agenda is relatively the same. Despite not being in person, we still continue to do weekly assignment sheets which we have been doing all year. I opened the link on Fitz’s blog to the first weekly assignment sheet and scrolled through, getting a taste of what our week would look like. I neared the end of the sheet and noticed a few particular assignments. Reading Logs #1, #2, and #3. 

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Sam Dean Memoir

  The Brains Of The Family

A Memoir About My Father 


    Right now the world is going through a very troubling, unpredictable, and confusing time. Our lives have been completely changed in the blink of an eye. Students are now going to school from home, many workers lost their jobs, other workers need to figure out a way to continue working. This is all due to covid-19, a virus that has become a global pandemic and put the world to a halt. Alone, I would not really know how to get through this harsh time, but there is one main person who is calling the shots in my household, telling us what we need to do in order to stay safe, and that person is my dad.


My dad, Brett, is a very smart person. He works at a bank, so I am sure this pandemic is especially troublesome for him and the bank. Despite having to work a lot and focus on his job, he has been very useful to me and the rest of my family throughout this time. He threw out the idea of going to New Hampshire to live on our lake house. The lake house is much more private than our house in Belmont. We are surrounded by less people and have much less interaction with others, which is definitely a good thing. Unfortunately, my dad has had to work a lot still, so he only comes on weekends. He works from home though, and as a precaution he took a coronavirus test and thankfully tested negative. Therefore, we get to stay safe in New Hampshire, doing schoolwork and getting a lot of family time while he is still able to work.


My dad always makes sure we are being smart with our decisions. He makes sure to remind us to wash our hands a lot, don’t touch our face, and do not go near people other than family. He can get a little bit crazy with some of the extents he goes to in order to make sure we are safe, but I am thankful for it. When my mom took a trip to Belmont to pick up some things we needed, he sprayed them with disinfectant and left them in the garage for a few days, therefore if there were any viruses on the things they would be killed by then. He does lots of simple but smart things, things that I probably would not have thought of.


He started planning before I even thought that this virus would be a big deal. I remember I walked down the creaky stairs of my house in Belmont to go play some xbox and I noticed a bunch of canned foods and peanut butter that he had gotten just in case something bad happened with the virus. I recall getting on xbox and talking with my friends and saying that my dad got like six jars or peanut butter and a bunch of canned food. I said that very jokingly, almost as if I was making fun of him, but now that things have gotten bad in the world I realize how it was a very smart move by him to think ahead. 


Right now I have the luxury of being able to sit down and look out at the lake, while chatting with my family and appreciating the fact that I am able to spend quarantine in a not so bad way, meanwhile some people are going though really hard times. I am thankful that my dad thought ahead and is being very smart during this scary time, without his cautiousness I would not be able to have a reasonably fun and safe quarantine experience

Journal Entry From Home #3

Journal Entry #3


So far today has just been another day of online learning, although, It is still early in the morning, but nothing very interesting has happened yet. There is one interesting thing though. It’s my moms birthday! So today I started this morning by going downstairs, wishing her a happy birthday, giving her a card I made, and eating a delicious breakfast. Then I got dragged off to school. 

Sometimes school gets confusing for me. It’s hard to tell when and when I do not have a zoom meeting, so pretty much before every class I log into a Group FaceTime with a bunch of other 9th graders and we talk about which class we do and which classes we do not have. Those FaceTimes usually help me a lot.


I sat down to write this journal entry with no real driving topic that I wanted to talk about, so I decided to just let my fingers do the work, and I just began writing this. This journal entry seems to be jumping from one topic to another, but that could just be the nature of journal entries, just a rant about my day. Speaking of today,  think it is supposed to rain which is not fun, but I will figure something out to do. 

I am not sure what I am going to do when I finish writing and posting this, maybe play some xbox because I do not have another class for a little while. Maybe get some work done too. Like I said in one of my past journal entries, I am living in the present.