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The debate on electronics in the morning 


”I don’t think people understand the power of social media or our phones.” - Zendaya 


     The new rule was unwelcome. Disappointment roamed the halls all day. To students, there was no issue, but the staff thought otherwise. This was the unjust rule that took the smiles off Fenn students’ morning: they took away our ability to use our phones before school. 

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Windsor Mountain Essay

Finding Cohesivness


”The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” Hubert H. Humphrey 

by, Jack Moskow 

     It was a misty fall mornings day the clouds were getting dark. The worn yellow bus pulled up to the curb where dozens of kids were bustling about at the start of a new day.  Some of the kids tried desperately to find a safe haven before the cold morning rain. They were 68 boys in total, and each had a special smile, like the way a child smiles. When he gets a creamy vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. The teacher hollers to board the bus and the dozens of boys run to get the best seat on the bus. The bus honks it’s horn and we are off on an adventure to find greater camaraderie and cohesiveness as a class and community.  We are off to Windsor Mountain.

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A Slice Of Fenn Life




             “Being a actor on a movie set is like going to to the playground for recess.”  -  

By, Jack Moskow

         There are many common events and occurrences everday that make Fenn the school I know and love. But some daily events are more fulfilling to me in my normal school day than others. Recess is the one time each day that is not a burden; it’s not a test or a math formula that you’ll never use again. It’s a time to be free to do lots of activities. Whether it be hanging in the gaga pit, playing football on the turf or even soccer in the old gym, I have never had a bad time at recess.


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500 WORDS!

The dreaded assignment 



'A picture is worth ten thousand words' - Fred R. Barnard 


      I never thought my summer would end like this way so abruptly, or that school would drag my brain out of its resting place so dramatically. My teacher said to write five hundred words (yes, 500!) about anything in the world. I could understand a paragraph, or maybe even 250 words, but 500 seems a bit much for the first day. Does he really want to kill my summer vibe so quickly? Does he underestimate what he is asking? The world is a gosh darn huge place and I am really so small in it, so why does it matter if one kid in some small town in a small state writes a 500 word assignment? Truthfully, not many people would care if they found out a eight grader wrote this. So why does this assignment matter?


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