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November 2018


Gratitude The Real Virtue Of Thankfulness 



  "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." -William Arthur Ward

By, Jack Moskow    

     The friends and family around me create memories of love and adventure together. They have helped guide me throughout life, and I am thankful. My mother, who has continuously lifted my confidence, yesterday said good luck before my hockey game. I am thankful that her support gave me the confidence to take the shot that scored the game winning goal. The people around me have always made me feel loved and as an important part of a bigger whole. Just this week, my family cheered me on as I spent hours this past week studying and getting my head into the best place to do well on tests.  I really appreciate knowing they are genuinely proud and happy for me when I succeeded. For all those who have touched my life and helped me in the littlest of ways —from my teachers who remain patient for the breakthrough and coaches who encourage discipline and resilience— I owe so much gratitude. Whoever thought it would be my big sister who would lighten my mood when I was struggling with my homework just by joking around with me? I will remember this Thanksgiving to let her know how much I love her. As I become older, I appreciate my oldest sister Sam and her boyfriend John for showing me fun and hinting mysteriously at things to come.  No one makes a car ride more fun than they do by blasting music while also creating a safe and carefree environment. For all my friends, I don’t think I could ever repay them for all the conversations, shared adventures, inside jokes and laughter we have enjoyed. No one puts a smile on my face like them. And when I arrived at school in a grumpy mood on a recent morning this week, the school was handing out free cider donuts, one of my favorite foods. Since I had rushed and not eaten breakfast, this kindness cheered me up and created a delicious taste in my mouth. I am grateful for that gift because it set me in a good direction for the rest of the day. So, as I approach Thanksgiving this year, I am truly thankful for all the voices that have touched my ears today and the ears who have listened to my voice, telling me stories and all listening to my ideas.  Like my stomach after the feast, my heart is happy and full.

A Second Home

Jack Moskow

Fitz English 

Blog Post 

The Destination 



 “Land is the secure ground of home, the sea is like life, the outside, the unknown.” - Stephen Gardiner 


      All the time and effort throughout the year are finally worth it as long as I’m here. The packing, the long car ride, and the ferry boat are all worth it, the only exception for the saying, “it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.”

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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Essay

Jack Moskow

Fitz English 

The Advnetures Of Tom Sawyer Essay 

November 16 , 2018


Embarcing Boyhood & Superstion 

Evident Themes In The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer 




My Mom Sees her sons as baby boys. Well, I stopped being her baby boy a long time.” — Bryant Gumbell



     “Tom was a free boy again, however—there was something in that. He could drink and swear,   now—but found to his surprise that he did not want to. The simple fact that he could, took the desire away, and the charm of it.” [The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chapter 22] - Mark Twain 



         In the book The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom exploits being a boy and is rebellious in any way he can in order to gain respect and fulfill his wish of becoming a man. Tom learns many valuable lessons throughout his superstitious and rebellious adventures, and these shape Tom’s life for the better. Mark Twain portrays Tom as rebellious boy looking to find mystery and superstition on his adventures. my experience in reading this great classic was rewarding, and I came to really admire and appreciate Twain’s work.


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Tom Sawyer Literary Anlysis Essay

Jack Moskow

The Fenn School Fitz English 

Tom Sawyer Literary Anlysis Essay

November 1st 2018

Overcoming Challenges 



Every challenge is a challenge to become who we really are.” - Marianne Williamson 

By, Jack Moskow 


   The first step to understanding a challenge is concentrating.  Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was a pleasure to read overall, although at some points I found myself distracted or became disinterested. While reading the book, I felt many different emotions. For example, in the beginning I was confused and the book did not really interest me, but once the murder happened I became much more involved and interested in the book and began to enjoy it more. Also, when the theme of superstition started to play a key role in the book, I became very intrigued.

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