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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Literary Essay

Patience and Perseverance

Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet” - Jean Jaques Rousseau


     Patience in reading leads to worthwhile experiences. Jukes Verne’s novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, taught me the valuable lessons of patience and perseverance.  Learning these skills helped me to overcome the author’s complex writing style and challenged me to read more deeply and analyze the themes of this compelling adventure story. Reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea challenged me to have patience during the book and to persevere through the obscure vocabulary and discover the themes present in the story. At first, I thought of the book as just another clump of paper meant to collect dust on our family’s bookshelf; however, with patience and perseverance in overcoming the challenges of the book, I was able to start enjoying the present writing in the book. The book themes flowed throughout my mind as I was sucked into the mirky black submarine setting. The beginning of the book was not the best or most captivating, but I  persevered through the dreaded reading ahead. I was tasked with discovering new themes and analyzing the purpose of the themes. This was a difficult challenge, but so far it has also been a productive experience. With determination, I was able to get into a flow of reading after a couple a chapters and manage my time wisely. The theme of “Everything is not as it seems” is recurring throughout the book and relates back to the idea of patience and perseverance. At times in the book you will think you know what is happening, but after you persevere with patience you will understand and enjoy the book and have the most worthwhile experience reading. The book has taught you that you can persevere through a challenge; it has taught me patience; therefore, it’s taught me to enjoy the experiences ahead. Subsequently, this has led to worthwhile experiences. Patience within this book is vital, and in reading this book it has lead to worthwhile experiences. Now that I surrounded my self in the literature, reading with patience and persevering through the challenges, I know it will be worth it in the end. 

Super Bowl Bound


”Im the baddest mother F*cker on the planet” - Tom Brady 


     My sister and I took safe haven from the frigid New England weather, waiting impatiently for kickoff. It was Sunday night in New England, and the AFC championship was upon us. My family was making bets on the score, but the only thought that was present in my mind was the game and all the excitement that surrounded it. At school, the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs was the only topic of  conversation last week, and now we would finally see the outcome of the much anticipated game. The first half passed by swiftly, with the Patriots taking a substantial lead, but this wouldn’t last despite how content my emotions were. The Chiefs came out strong in the second half and the Patriots responded in kind. My emotions began to swirl as the lead was soon diminished. Even though I know they could not hear me, I was desperately and loudly making my case to the refs inside the television about how they should decide the outcome of different plays. My emotions were whipped like a blinding blizzard in the wild fourth quarter. The four lead changes had me desperately begging to know the ultimate winner. The multiple drives with under two minutes remaining had me anxious and ecstatic to see the plays and the outcomes. When I thought what was the end wasn’t, the OT coin toss won by the Patriots gave us a chance to stop Mahomes by not letting him on the field. I was jumping up and down and was only content when I saw the Patriots run to the touchdown zone to end the game and send us to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.

Metacognition On 20,000 Leagues Under The sea

A Intuitive Experience Reading 


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin


     Over the course of the past week, I have begun to read the adventure classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. In the beginning, my experience reading the book had just seemed okay, but did not grab my attention at first. However, the book did introduce foreshadowing and the characters fairly well, and once I read further into the book, I began to like reading this piece of literature a little more. My attitude towards the book changed significantly as the plot evolved and the chase after the “monster” had begun. The book only recently intrigued me enough that I now enjoy reading the adventure classic. Occasionally, I will start to get distracted while reading by my phone. I encountered this problem many times during the first few chapters, but after I put my phone in a different room while reading and I was able to understand the boo and uncover themes. I was content with reading, and didn’t want to spend my time otherwise with another activity. Once I had immersed myself in the book, I uncovered the theme “Everything is not as it seems” based on the events in the book. One example of the theme which I discovered in my reading was the shocking experience when the crew had thought the nautilus, a very advanced submarine lurking below the waters, was the monster which they had been searching for. In conclusion, reading the classic novel was a very productive and beneficial experience discovering the characters and the book.