All Quiet On The Western Front Final Metacognition
Final Literary Analysis

Final Narrative Paragraph

Give A Damn And Figure It Out


“The Only Way Out Is Through” — John Fitzsimmons 


     It is our teachers who test us and prepare us for life; For me, that was my teacher Fitz, the “guys who tries to be a teacher and so he is,” who took me under his wing and taught me how to be a better student. Fitz has been the teacher who taught me to give a damn. He is the teacher who works me harder when I complain, and who taught me the importance of being dedicated student and the value of caring about my work.  These are skills that help me get the assignment done.

     At no other time in my educational life has a teacher made such a big difference in my life, unknown to me, than when my mind returned from its summer hibernation and encountered Fitz back at the Fenn School.

    The summer seemed to have passed much too quickly, and soon I was back at Fenn, a school filled with shouting, enduring the fourth day of my dreaded return to school. Fitz announced to the class the evening’s homework: write 300 words about ANYTHING. Although “a simple task for me now,” back then I panicked and crumbled at the thought of the work. The 15 minutes of class time he had given us to start the assignment had quickly been eaten away by my worries. I showed barely any work except for a few poorly written opening sentences, my sheet was blank white. Sensing my dismay, Fitz came over to me, gave me some encouragement, and took me under his wing; he taught me how to handle the workload, reassured me that everything would be fine, and proved me wrong by showing me that I could do it.  Then, he told me to write an additional 200 words.

     Fitz has been the teacher who has made a positive difference in my life, and I know I am a better student and person because of him. Fitz, was determined to prove to me that I could do it despite my self-doubts, that I just needed to believe in myself. Fitz has always told me which I’m sure many other people have also heard the “give a damn and figure it out” encouragement, but I feel lucky that he taught this to me in the early stages of my eighth grade year. “Giving a damn and figuring it out” has been the pinnacle of the work of my year, and this idea has guided me in the way I’ve presented myself. Fitz ‘s teaching reminded me to put in the work toward getting good grades when I didn’t want to, and this positive approach will continue to serve me throughout my education and beyond. Fitz’s mindset will always be with me because it has become part of me. Fitz and I’s simple conversation has made such a profound difference in my life.

     Fitz’s many lessons and personal tests have proven to me that I give a damn about myself, my education and my work. I am grateful that I figured this out in my  eight grade year because those lessons have made a difference for me this year and the years to come.