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Summer A Time Of Freedom

Menemsha Harbor 


Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.“ - Henry James 

     My summer hours often revolve around Menemsha harbor on Martha’s Vineyard. The harbor provides countless offers of good ice cream and the accompaniment of the retiring sea and a gentle evening breeze. Those are the reasons why I plan for all my summers to be there. A summer isn’t fulfilled for me until I take a lick of that lipstick cherry coating  on the vanilla soft serve ice cream  from Menemsha harbor’s very own Galley restaurant. After a long day of tubing and surfing with my uncle, we normally head there.  My grandfather jokes that we all retire to the harbor, that it’s fun to retire our days with a good Menemsha ice cream tradition. No matter the occasion, rain or shine, if I had just been surfing with my cousins, fishing with my beloved grandpa or jumping of jaws bridge, we always stop at Menemsha. Sometimes it’s to grab a bite of the Vineyard’s best hot dogs, or to talk to the year round locals, or to pick up fish for dinner, we Inevitably make our way to Menemsha.  The significance of the Menemsha harbor is profound in my heart because countless memories have been made in this quaint corner of the island. Not all have been good in the moment -- like when I was a little and somehow managed to get a fishing hook attached to my lip--but now my family and I can look back and laugh at my hysterics in that moment (well, maybe not my mother). Summer is a time of freedom, a time where you aren’t trapped  needing to write essays or explain what’ the value of x is. Summer is my favorite time of year and I chose to come back to Menemsha because it’s the place I love, where I make the most memories, and I can laugh freely after a good day’s fun and be content to retire for the day.