Camp Belknap Essay
Power Of Place

Journal Entry Three

little Known, Much To Learn

Discovering Who My Classmates Truly Are


“I am not what you see.
I am what time and effort and interaction slowly unveil.”
Richelle E. Goodrich,


     When I returned to Fenn this year, I worried about how school would be without so many of my friends who left at the end of eighth grade.  While I still had some good friends at Fenn, our numbers were much smaller and the dynamics of the class had changed.  One reason I was looking forward to going to Camp Belknap was that I hoped to get know some of my other classmates better.  One person I feel I got to know better was Garrett.  I had always liked him before and had been on sports teams with him, I did not really know him beyond that.  After the trip, I feel that I got to know him much better and was really surprised to discover that he is really funny.  He could make a joke out of anything, and he was also very positive and upbeat in different situations.  Similarly, I was impressed to learn that another classmate, Bobby did rock climbing outside of school and was very skilled at it.  Watching him during our rock climbing activity was helpful to me as I climbed myself.  These are just two small examples of ways in which I got to know more about classmates at Camp Belknap.  I look forward to learning more about so many more classmates as the year unfolds.