Camp Belknap Essay

The Essence of Community, The Value Of Stewardship, and The Power Of Place

 A Powerful Community Of Stewards At Fenn 


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” ~Helen Keller.

      A community is built by the people who share a common goal, interest or identity. It can be a comprised of people who share a neighborhood, a town, a church or a school like Fenn. My classmates and I have found our place together as stewards both in the ninth grade at Fenn and the  school community as a whole.  With freshness of the new school year, I know we will grow together and strengthen our connections as a class. Our community is built on more than just the fact that we are all students here.  We work together as teammates on athletic fields, pushing ourselves to the limit,  We test out our ideas and skills on each other to grow and gain knowledge in the class room.  We build friendships with each other, gain mentors in our teachers and serve as role models for younger kids here.  All of these things help strengthen the bonds share in our Fenn community.  Each day, we meet in a familiar place that we all hold dear to our hearts.  as different as we all are, this simple ritual connects us as part of this community.

     Fenn is a special place to me. When I leave here next June, it will become a memory, a part of my past that will always have a special place.  When I drive by the school in the future, the daily experiences or turning in work and going to classes will be done and I will remember the strong sense of this place.  I will think fondly on how it helped make me who I am.  I will remember my friends’ laughter and the good times we had.  I will think for a moment of the teachers who showed me a new way of looking at life, and I will wonder how they are.  The place will pull me in for a moment, but it has already sent me to where I am going next in life.  There is part of this place that feels like home.


     Being a good steward of Fenn, its values and its reputation means a great deal to me.  I want to show people with my actions how the school has taught me to be in this world.  I will protect the values that make Fenn all that  it is.  In the Fenn spirit, I hope to know more people who I do not yet know, to try things that are new to me.  We all face some adversity and we all have some strengths; Our challenge is to build a stronger community so we must all value stewardship and fully embrace what it brings. The tone that this ninth grade represents will flow into the other grades.  We are the gardeners of the whole Fenn community, and we must set the tone for the younger grades. soon, we will be stronger than ever.