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December 2019

Literary Analysis Mid-Year Exam Piece

Jack Moskow 

Mid-Year Exam

Ninth Grade Fitz English

A Children’s Imagination

A Child’s Christmas In Wales Literary Analysis Essay


“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

— Albert Einstein 

          The imagination of Christmas sparkles in children’s imagination and in families’ love when they come together.  Dylan Thomas’s heartwarming tale, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, paints an unforgettable picture of Christmas through a young boy’s recollection of the holiday.  His vivid imagination and playful sense of wonder drive the story, reminding readers of the innocence and enthusiasm with which children approach life, and the importance of enjoying simple pleasures at Christmas and beyond.  By choosing a child narrator and highlighting only children’s experiences in the story, Thomas sends his readers a message that the playful perspective of children is equally important to that of adults and should be an opportunity for reflection for how we approach life.

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Narrative Writing Mid-Year Exam Piece

Jack Moskow 

Mid-Year Exam 

Ninth Grade Fitz English

The Power Of Tradition 

The Jewish Tradition 



Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” 
— Gustav Mahler


          Mfather has always had a strong, positive influence in my life, despite the fact that I lost him as a daily presence when I was just three years old. A decade after he died, when I became a teenager, I decided to become a bar mitzvah in his honor because he felt very strongly about his Jewish heritage and having me follow his example was very important to him. Judaism had not been a prominent part of my life since my father died (my mom is not Jewish), but when we celebrated Hanukkah we always lit menorah candles for him and read stories from journals he wrote to us when we were little.  He was always there in spirit, and I knew that when I became a bar mitzvah, I wanted him to be recognized along with me.  

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