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Short Story Writing Advice


Short Story Advice

Advice On How To Write A Good Short Story


          Writing a short story is a long and hard process, but now that I have finished I have learned of a few important parts of the writing process to remember and consider. In writing a shorty story well it is crucial to work by yourself, just keep writing, edit and revise, give enough detail, and be dedicated towards your work. Knowing this will guide towards a productive and easy process in writing a great short story.

At the beginning of the project Fitz told the class that you could pick a partner to work with, but he warned us that it wasn’t actually easier, I didn’t believe him, but I was very wrong. While in the end, this was the more fun approach it was not as easy and at times productive as other solo writers were. The first problem in writing in a group is that you both have most likely two different mindsets on how you want the storyline to happen, it is hard thinking of a great idea for it to just be denied by your partner, but it can easily be fixed through compromise and good communication with your partner. One of the hardest parts of working with a partner is when you have to find time to write outside of school. Conflicting schedules and other homework from school makes it very difficult to find time for both writers to sit down and write. Working with a partner is hard and a little bit fun, but based on my experience I recommend to write your short story by yourself.

Throughout the process of writing a short story, my partner and I both learned that we needed to just write and get our ideas onto paper instead of focusing on grammatical errors. For us, this was very important because we were too focus at first on making everything perfect, but we soon realized that it was slowing us down and we would be much more productive if we instead just kept on writing and creating our story and then later editing once we had finished the chapter. This helped us finish our story at a faster rate and in the end, led towards it being more successful then it would have been.

An important aspect of finishing the creation of a great shorty story is editing and revising. Editing is often one of the most grueling and one of if not the least exciting parts of writing a shorty story, but it is an essential part of creating a good story which you should spend a lot of time on. In editing mistakes are found which would have taken from the story, for example, a mistake I found in my partners and I’s shorty story was that one of our main characters name we switched around halfway in our chapter, or one of the bigger mistakes is that because I wrote this with a partner we both had two different writing styles which we later had to blend together in revising our piece. Without editing and revising the outcome of our piece would have been much less successful and I truly advise all writers to take the time to edit and revise your short story.

Supplying the reader with enough detail is an important part of all writing and especially in short stories. To create a great story it is important to attract the reader's attention and this can easily be done by engaging the readers by providing great detail. The detail in stories is also very important so there is no confusion among the readers. Detail brings the story to life it adds the flavor to the text which separates good writing from great writing. The detail is an essential part of all stories and I recommend that all writers add lots of detail in their stories. 

One of the most important parts of writing is being dedicated and having personal a drive towards completing your writing. Create a story that you want to write make so you're dedicated to writing the short story. While writing my partner and I set goals so we had incentives towards being down like having no homework and it added structure and gave us direction towards what we wanted to accomplish. Being dedicated to your writing adds detail emotion and most importantly it gives you the incentive to feel accomplished. Giving a damn is an important part of all aspects of life and in writing short stories it is no exception. Dedication forces the mind to complete what is necessary and to do it well.

Writing a shorty story has taught me valuable lessons and reinforced past teachings, but despite the time, hard work, and times were you felt like quitting, in the end, it is all worth it. Hopefully, with my advice on how to make a great short story, you will find and explore the process of writing a short story and meet with wild success in the end.