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April 2020

Journal Entry 3

Virtual Learning


               Distance learning has taken us all by surprise, and me especially. I’m a hands-on learner so distance learning hasn’t been my favorite. Distance learning is simply different from walking down halls laughing with my friends to being replaced by hopping from zoom to zoom while texting with my friends, or asking a simple question turning into an email, and my learning being put on pause multiple times as my WiFi attempts to make out what my teacher was saying. It is what it is, and slowly I’ve been coming to terms with that, yet it is a strange time that we are living in and the thought of virtual learning still gives me an uneasy feeling in my stomach. 

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Journal Entry 2




              Running. It’s painful, tedious, and exhausting. So, why do so many Americans do it? People run for many reasons. Most often, people run to stay in shape and to reach an ideal body weight, but for me it has become an escape from the craziness in the world. The power in a good run can be felt by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Its simplicity requires minimal experience or equipment, as the running motion is an innate movement for the human body and healing for the mind. Running was never a a passion of mine and I’ve still never run on cross country or track teams, but I figured you’ll never know until you try. This is definitely true when it comes to running; and it is how I recently discovered my love for it. Though it can be a sport of endurance or speed, for me running means releasing stress and really testing my body's limits. Being in quarantine for the past month helped me find this new passion for running. Since then, I have been running almost daily with my dog Coco accompanying me on her leash.

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