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How to fix a flat bike tire

Today I popped the back tire of my bike for the second time this month. Since I popped my back tire twice I have learned how to fix it. So I would like to teach you how to fix your popped back tire on your bike.

The first part of fixing a flat bike tire is taking the wheel off the bike. The way that you do this is unscrew the quick release Axle from your bike then if it is the back tire you take off the chain from the gears and pull the tire out. Next you use A tire tool to takeoff one side of your tire. You use the tire tool to break the seal between the rim and the tire. Once you have done that you pull the inner tube out of the tire.

The second part of fixing a flat back tire is to find the hole. One way to find the hole is to pump up your tire and listen and feel for air escaping your tire. The second and more effective way to find a hole in your tire is to put your tire into a bucket of water and see where bubbles come out of your tire because where there are bubbles coming out that is where the hole is. The last step to finding the hole is to draw a circle around it with a sharpie.

The last step of fixing a popped bike tire is to patch the hole. The first thing you do to patch the hole is sand the area around the whole just a little bit. Once you have sanded you should use a Clorox wipe to wipe away the dirt from the inner tube. After the liquid left behind by the Clorox wipe has evaporated you should put on the tired glue over the surface of where you have sanded. After the tire glue has dried you should put the patch on and press it down very well.

From reading this I hope you have learned how to fix a popped bike tire.


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Many sides of the road I fixed my flats--one of the first things I remember my dad teaching me how to do. This is a good how-to entry. I think more pictures--one for each step--would make it a superb entry!

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