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Livermore Leap Vs. Emerald Pool

I will be comparing two swing holes

In the last two days I have gone to to swimming holes. The first one I went to is called Livermore Leap and the second one is called Emerald Pool. I will be comparing the two of them to figure out which one is better.

Livermore Leap is a swimming hole on the Sawyer River near Bartlett New Hampshire. The hike into Livermore Leap is very steep and you have a high chance of slipping. Once you get down to the river there’s a very strong current. The water is pretty cold. The first thing I did when I got there is jumping off a small rock. Once I had done that I Wanted to do the big cliff jump. When I got to the top of the cliff I was kind of scared. But I knew I had done bigger jumps. I jumped and it was a pretty fun jump. The cliff is about 20 feet tall and the water below it is pretty deep. Overall Livermore Leap is a pretty good place to swim. 

Emerald Pool is a swimming hole near wildcat ski resort. The parking for Emerald Pool is very good because there is a lot of it. The hype down it’s very short but it is also steep. The first thing you will notice when you first see the water is that it looks green that is why it is called Emerald Pool. The water at Emerald Pool is pretty warm for a river. Sometimes there’s a strong current if there has just been a lot of rain if not there’s not much current. There are also two cliff jumps the smaller one is about 12 feet and the bigger one is about 17 feet.

I think both swimming holes are very good places to swim. They both have their pros and cons. Like Livermore Leap has a big cliff jump but the water is kinda cold. Emerald Pool has just the right sized cliff jumps but there are more people. At the end of the day I have to pick a favorite and I would have to go with Emerald Pool because it has good cliff jumps and the water is generally warmer.

I hope that you learned A lot about two of New Hampshire’s swimming holes.


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When I was your age, we used to follow streams Andy hike up into the White Mountains in search of the perfect swimming holes--ones with waterfall slides into deep water! Great entry. I'd love to see some pictures if you have any!

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