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Fishing from a guide boat is magical

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived"

  Henry David Thoreau


When I was little my grandpa and I Were on ragged lake early in the morning in his guide boat. My grandpa was talking about how there used be so many fish in the lake but a lot of them were killed by acid rain. Grandpa was using a fly rod and I was using a normal spinning rod. He was trying to catch trout and I was trying to catch anything that would eat my worm. We could see the fog coming off the lake from the sun hitting the water.

I loved fishing in the lake with my grandpas and his guideboat, and I just like getting away from society and living simply without internet or electricity,

My grandpa loves to fish. My dad is not interested in fishing. So my dad did not teach me how to fish. I taught myself from watching YouTube videos and talking to people who know how to fish very well. in the Adirondacks sometimes early in the morning me and my grandpa go fishing together in his Adirondack guide boat. My grandpa is flyfishing and I am fishing with a spinning rod. He is trying to catch trout. I also try to catch trout but when I don’t catch any I put a worm on my hook and start catching sunfish.

An Adirondack guide boat is very special. People have use them for hundreds of years to fish off of and for hunting. Another reason people have used guide boats for so long is they are very fast on the water. Along time ago people would go on long trips for fishing and hunting with their guide boats. On these trips they would carry their guide boats from lake to lake so guide boats are very light. My grandpa has a Adirondack guide boat and it is pretty new. My dad also has a Adirondack guide boat and it is very old. My dad‘s guy boat has been fixed mini times The only part of his boat that is original is the back of one of the seats. 

 When I’m in the Adirondacks there is no electricity or plumbing. On the lake where I stay there are no motor boats. It is very refreshing to not hear any cars going by your house. With no electricity there’s no Wi-Fi so you get a break from the Internet. When I come back from a week in the Adirondacks and I see the Internet again it is a very weird feeling. My experience in the Adirondacks it’s like living very simply.

It is great to have a place like the Adirondacks to escape from every day life. It’s like hitting a reset button when you come back. It’s great to be in the Adirondacks because you live very simply and it resets you.


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