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Helpless While Injured


    I am a super energetic person but I normally use my energy by focusing on skiing. I ski almost everyday on my backyard setup, which is pallets covered in turf and a rail to slide at the end, where I get a ton of energy out. Because I love extreme sports I know that I will get injured at some point.

    This point was September 26. I was mountain biking at the local pump track. It was my first time there and I was on my new bike, so I was psyched. I went off of the biggest jump for the fifth or sixth time and in the air I turned so, when I landed my front tire hit first and then my shoulder.

    Once I stood up after the crash I knew something was and all I needed was an X-ray to confirm it, I had broken my collarbone. Now I am eight week post crash and I am restless to get back to action sports.

    While I have been injured I have felt helpless because I can’t focus my energy on anything. All of the energy I have is floating around in space because I have nothing to channel it into. I recently started physical therapy and this has helped because I finally feel like I am moving in the right direction.

    Breaking my collarbone was my first major injury in my skiing career. While being deprived of the things I love I have learned how much skiing truly means to me and what a big part of my life it is. My ski coach puts a big emphasis on injury prevention and how to train properly, this is ironic because I broke my collarbone two days before I started my coaching program. At least now I know the proper techniques for skiing which some of which will translate over to mountain biking. 


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