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Skiing is Art


   “Skiing is art,” it’s the saying of my friend Henry’s company Jibskin Apparel. I met Henry through my ski program, he is super driven and inspired to grow his company.

    I believe “Skiing is art” is a true statement because as a freestyle skier gets better and grows into their style they can express themselves through their skiing. Freestyle skiing is a certain type of skiing where there are features such as rails and jumps for the skier to use. There are two types of freestyle skiing, one is park and the other is urban skiing. When park skiing you go to ski mountain where the mountain installs features in a designated area. Park skiing has creative limits because you only have the features the mountain gives you. On the other hand urban skiing does not have creative limits because you ski anywhere there is snow. Urban skiing is when you and normally a bunch of friends go into the streets with your skis and shovels to build jumps and hit handrails. Urban skiing is where skiers get super creative because the streets are your terrain park. When people go urban skiing they often bring a camera to film their adventure. Some urban skiing videos have millions of views on the internet. This is crazy because there are some people making a living from skiing in the streets and the job opportunities the internet has made.


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