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A Battle in Your Mind


“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger


I stood nervously at the top of the run in on Attitash as a twelve year old freestyle skier and clearly envisioned myself landing a 360 perfectly.

Then I dropped in. My mind went blank, and muscle memory took over. Thud!  I caught my edge when I landed and I slammed into the ground.

I couldn’t let this end in failure, so I tried a few more times and then landed the 360, just as I’d envisioned it.

Soon after that I did a 360 on a park jump for the first time. I didn’t know then, but that 360 would be the last time I would 360 on park jump for two years.

During the 2020-21 season, the mountain didn’t build jumps. I had no opportunities to improve my jumping skills on snow. I could only practice my tricks on the trampoline where my coach taught me to use the horizon to track where I was in the air. 

When I came back this year and there were jumps I wanted to try crazy tricks including a front flip. It was way easier than I expected. Before I did the front flip I had a mental vision of how to land it perfectly from the trampoline so I did, but this was not the case with a backflip.

one day during March break, after pondering for weeks, I decided tomorrow will be the day. I envisioned the backflip.

I finally understood the whole thing. 

During one run the next morning, my friend Joe said to me: “Pete,how about that backflip.” I thought I wasn’t ready, but I decided I should send it.

I got jacked up on adrenaline standing above the jump and envisioned myself backflipping perfectly. 

I dropped in and my mind went blank but I had practiced so many times that when I went off the jump I subconsciously threw my body into a backflip.

My thoughts returned as I slammed into the ground and realized I over rotated my first backflip. When I tried again, I repeated the same process except now I knew where I was—I found the horizon while in the air and I stomped it perfectly. 

From this experience on the mountain, I didn’t only learn to backflip—I also taught myself to truly envision a trick before trying it on snow. 

What I want everyone to take away from this is to envision who you want to be. 

Realize what needs to change and then act upon it. Just as I did with the backflip and I now try to do this in all other aspects of my life. 


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Great writing Pete and even better performing! This was a well written story that you did a good job making into a great reflection.

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