The Odyssey: books I-XII
Camp Belknap

Mid Term Paragraph

Christmas Traditions

1EE439BF-95D8-4423-A566-512F0ED84017”At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience.”


     Traditions define a family. In my family every Christmas morning we have certain things that we do every time that crate this tradition. For most people when they think of Christmas the first thing they think of is presents. In my family there are a lot mor traditions then just presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. These two days for a lot of families are built around traditions. 


     The main traditions in my family just involve my parents, my brother, my sister and I, no cousins or grandparents. Every family has their own traditions, but this is how my family has always done it. 


     It all starts from the most boring part, church. The long and grueling Christmas Eve mass always seems to go on forever but when it’s finally done it’s always a big sigh of relief. After mass we always go to a nice restaurant for our Christmas Eve dinner. This is probably one the best parts of the day, because there’s nothing better then a good dinner that fills you to the brim. When we arrive back at our house we watch whatever classic Christmas movie is one TV and then read the night before Christmas. There’s something about trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as a kid, it’s impossible. Everyone is full of excitement and joy wondering what there gonna wake up in the morning and see. My sister always wakes my brother and I up as she runs into our room tapping on our shoulders. Once everyone’s downstairs we all grab our stockings and open them one by one. Then we move onto presents, and every time since I remember we’ve ended off presents with coffee cake. 


     Traditions are what makes everyone’s experience different. There the reason why we do certain things the way we do. In my experience traditions have always been a thing, especially on holidays, and these traditions will keep on going, they might change a little through the years but the spirit behind them never will. 


     Traditions are what defines a persons story and defines who they truly are.